CPTPP Product Competitiveness Tracker

This tool shows Canadian businesses the expected impact of the CPTPP trade agreement on hundreds of Canadian exports to Japan. Find your product's new tariff rate, expected export gains, and who the major global players are. Explore the results by using the dropdown below to search exports by HS category or keyword.


Tariffs for products in this category were not affected by the CPTPP. Check the Canada Tariff Finder for current rates.

CPTPP Tariff Rate Change *

Expected Gain for Canada and the Western Provinces (USD)

Bar chart showing expected gains and losses in trade for Canada and selected countries/provinces due to tariff changes under the CPTPP

Top Global Exporters to Japan

Stacked stream-graph showing changes in trade volume over time for major trade partners for the selected commodity

* The first tariff rate represents the standard most favoured nation rate given to Canada prior to the CPTPP. The second rate is the final tariff assigned under the CPTPP, though some products are given a phased in tariff reduction and have not yet reached their final rate. Check the Canada Tariff Finder for current rates.

Estimated future exports are compared against a baseline of average annual trade from 2014-2018. The values shown are the result of equlibrium modelling done by the Canada West Foundation to estimate the effect of reduced tariffs under the CPTPP. Read the full report and methodology here. All estimates are in USD.

Data for this chart is drawn directly from the UN Comtrade API. All values are in USD and are not adjusted for inflation.